Pre-Game History

Pre-Mentak History

Just as the species was starting to (re)discover intrasteller spaceflight, The Zaren were assimilated and become a client and almost slave species of the Laxx, who controlled a small empire within Mahact Plateau star cluster. As a species, they served the Laxx for nearly eight hundred and fifty years, but an oppressive rule lead to opposition. Those who could would organize mutinies aboard Laxx starships, claiming the ship for themselves before becoming pirates and freedom fighters. Those that were caught were sent to the far reaches of the Empire as criminals to work as slaves on the vast plantations of Mull prime or mines of Hope’s End. Time was ripe for revolution.

The expected war of independence never came, the Darek Migratory Fleet happened first. The numerically and militarily superior Darek Fleet swept through the Laxx Empire, destroying infrastructure and pillaging planets as they went. The Laxx and their client races attempted to resist, but to no avail. After two years, even as the Zaren home world was coming under siege, a small group of Zaren rebels came to realize there might be a way out. The Darek’s FTL was clumsier than their own, and the warlike raiders would be unable to travel the difficult path through the Trail of Tears to Mull Prime.

Keeping this secret from their Laxx masters, the pirate captain Erwin Mentak brought together ten other renowned pirate captains and came up with a desperate plan. The eleven of them would run the blockade of the Zaren home world, load up with as many civilians as possible, and then fight their way to the Mull Prime, where they would drop off the civilians. With the element of surprise, the first attempt went perfectly, so they made a second attempt, this time with additional pirate support. In the end dozens of trips were made and more than a hundred million Zaren were rescued from the home world, colonies, space stations, derelicts or escape pods. The recused almost doubled the population of Mull Prime.

By this time the Darek navy had traced them to their escape route. They guarded the exit of the Trail and sent a fleet of specially modified frigates lead by their best navigators through the Trail of Tears to finally eliminate the pirate coalition. In the Mull System, the ragtag space fleet made a final stand, rallied once again behind Erwin Mentak. In a massive and climactic battle, the pirates succeeded in destroying the Darek fleet.

In the chaos of battle, its unsure what happened to Erwin’s ship. Some say he chased the Darek back through the Trail of Tears, others that his ship was destroyed in the fighting. Either way by the end of the battle the Coalition was under the command of his friend Captain Santiago, who Erwin had affectionately referred to as “my right hand”. That was three hundred years ago.

Expansion of the Mentak


Pre-Game History

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